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    similiar words


    Could you please explain the difference between "accept" and "receive"?

    Thank you

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    Re: similiar words

    It actually depends on the context, but, as I feel it, the main difference between them is that when you accept something means that you receive something with a pleasure, or at least you are satisfied with what you get :)

    When you receive something it does not necessarily means that you accept it. Well I can say I've received your letter but I do not accept what you are saying, i.e. I am not satisfied with it...
    It is the only example that comes to my mind at the moment. I'm sure other members here will have something to complement the above.

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    Re: similiar words

    I agree- 'accept' implies some sort of agreement.

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    Re: similiar words

    Hello again,

    I can see the difference between accepting an invitation/gift and receiving it, the problem is here:

    to accept - to allow someone to become part of a group, society, or organization and to treat them in the same way as the other members: The children gradually began to accept her as one of the family.
    to receive - formal to officially accept someone as a guest or member of a group: She only receives guests on Sundays.

    Why is it "accept her as one of the family" and not "receive"?

    thank you

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    Re: similiar words

    But you've explained it!
    One thing is to accept a person - to agree that he/she has earned the right to be in the team (i.e. to express your satisfaction with the person), and the other thing is just "formally" welcome him/her, that is to receive, without having to be fully satisfied with his/her presence So in this case receive expresses more a physical action while accept is the action of your mind and soul
    However I think they do serve as synonims sometimes, even in the context of receiving/accepting people, but I can't think of any good example at the moment, sorry...
    Still I hope it helps.
    Looking forward to advice of native English speakers

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    Re: similiar words

    I've never heard anyone saying "accept guests/visitors".
    Is it just a question of combining words?

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