Dear Sam,
Many thanks for your last letter.It was a nice surprise to hear from you.I am sorry I haven't written in touch for ages but I had to revise for my school exams.
Anyway,I wouild let you know that I am very happy about this marvellous opportunity for being painted.
As far as the place is concerned,I think you might love my garden.It is a really nice,huge and pleasant place,full of some of the most beatiful flowers such as daffodils,roses,tulips that can be used as a decoration.
By the way,I suppose that I had already mentioned you in my previous letter about my last birthday present that I received from my father - a big piano.As you know it means a lot for me and would be glad to be included in my portrait.
Listen,I also want to let me know when do you intend to pop in because I am going to take up a job at the beginning of the summer so I am not sure whether i wiil be at your disposal.
Well,time to close!Write back soon and I am lookink forward to your reply.
Best wishes,