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    play them proudly

    I had an interesting conversation with a reporter recently---one who works for you. In fact, he's one of your best reporters. He wants to leave.
    Your reporter gave me a copy of his resume and photocopies of six stories that he wrote for you. The headlines showed you played them proudly. With great enthusiasm, he talked about how he finds issues approaches them, and writes about them, which tells me he is one of your best.

    What does the underlined part mean? Is "played" used correctly here?


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    Re: play them proudly

    It sounds to me from the context that early in his career the paper made a lot of his articles, and published them prominently [='in pride of place'] - 'above the fold' is traditionally the best place in a newspaper. But the use of 'played' sounds odd to me. It is used in, say, football: 'Sven Joran Ericssohn always played Beckham whenever he was fit' (this may not be true, I'm not a fan - the example is just to show the use of 'played' to mean 'deployed'). But I've never met it in this sort of context.


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    Re: play them proudly

    Perhaps "The headlines showed you displayed them proudly" was intended.
    Where does the quoted text come from?

    not a teacher
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