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    "for" for concession?

    Following is a sentence from my textbook: "Then quickly, for such a short, portly, elderly person, she disappeared."
    My reference book says: Meaning: Although she was short, over-weight and old, the women diappeared all of a sudden. for, prep. despite, used for concession.
    Can I say that here for means considering, as it is used in It's cold for the time of year.
    And, when for is used for concession, is it always followed by all, or usually followed by all.Is it used for concession in the quoted sentence?
    thank u very much!

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    Re: "for" for concession?

    Yes- you could say it's like 'considering'. It is a kind of concession- a concession to her age and weight, so 'all' is not necessary for a concession- it emphasises.

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