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    Question sociable quality of smoking?

    1. Some people say they can't stop smoking because of the sociable quality of smoking. what does it mean by sociable quality? Do they think that by smoking they make friends more easily?

    2. Also people say that if the needs served by an addiction( such as smoking) or habit can be satisfied in different ways, it would be easier to shake. The deliberate nature of mindfulness is what makes its potential so enormous. Here what is the maning of shake in the first sentence? Does it mean get rid of or give up? In addtion, what does the second sentence imply? and what does its indicate ?
    3.we look at our illness from more than the single perspective of medicine. we [B]work on [/B]changing cotexts, whether it is a stressful workplace or a depressing view of the hospital. And finally , when we attempt to stay healthy rather than [B]to be made well, [/B]we become involved in the process rather than the outcome.
    this text is really confusing to me. please help me to understand it and please especailly be specific as possible about the underlined phrases

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    Re: sociable quality of smoking?

    1- When smokers are socialising, especially when drinking, they smoke more. Also smokers often spend time together in smoking areas, etc.
    2- Shake= quit
    3- Look at it not just from a medical perspective and try to improve the environment around us. We also look on the process of trying to avoid being ill, not regarding illness as something the medical profession cures- inother words, take a nmore proactive stance towards our well-being.

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