Community service is a good thing, but in Germany it's now voluntary. So there is the question, if everybody should have to do 12 months of community service after leaving school.

On the one hand you can help people, when you for example do community service in a rest home. You can make the people smile and get job experience. You learn responsibility, you have the feeling of being needed and learn the handling of human. What do you want more? Besides you are social, this is very good if you want to apply for a job.

But on the other hand you maybe don't like the work or don't want to. After leaving school you don't have many time, because you want to do a study or work. If you do one year community service you so to speak lose one year, which you better had used for training. And the job experience would you also get, if you would make a training. Finally the worst thing at community service is, that you don't become money and you need money after leaving school.

To come to a conclusion there are better arguments against community service for 12 months after leaving school. In my opinion you can get the experience in 12 months of community service also, if you make a training, or not? And then you don't become money, so you can better make a training then do community service.