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    My dream of someday becoming a dancer in the company never left me. In the summer of 2005 when I was 18, I received the phone call which made that dream a reality ; I became a member of the company dating back to 1925.
    As I look back on that day now, it surely lacks any sense of reality. I believe I stayed in a state of pleasant disbelief until I was halfway through rehearsals on my first day. I never actually expected to get the job. After being offered the position, I was completely shocked .I remember shaking with excitement.

      Though I was absolutely thrilled with the change, it did not come without its fair share of challenge .Through the strict rehearsal period of dancing six days a week, I found it vital to pick up the material fast with every last bit of concentration. It is that extreme attention to detail and stress on practice that set us apart .To then follow those high-energy rehearsals with a busy show schedule of up to five performances a day, I discovered a new meaning of the word "hard work".

    What does the underlined "pick up the material fast" mean in terms of a dancing rehearsal?


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    Re: material

    "The material" here refers to the music and the dance routine which the writer was expected to learn (to pick up). He/she needed to learn the dance routine quickly in order to be proficient in time for the public performances.

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