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    it presents experience in a vivid symbolic form

    Why can 2 be the only answer? This is from a workbook. I think 1 also makes much sense as it describes fairly tales' unreal characteristics.

    Q.What's the answer to the blank?
    ex)The fairy tale survives because _________2__________ . Sometimes we need to have the truth exaggerated and made more dramatic, even fantastic, in order to comprehend it. "Hansel and Gretel." for instance, may dramatize the fact that some parents underfeed and abandon their children physically or emotionally, while others, like the witch, overfeed and try to possess and devour them. "Beauty and the Beast" may suggest that a good man can seem at first like a dangerous wild animal, or that true love has the power to soothe the save heart. The message will probably be different for each one; but that is one of the great achievements of the fairy tale- traditional or modern.

    1.its unique settings are different from reality presents experience in a vivd symbolic form

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    Re: it presents experience in a vivid symbolic form

    This is one of those FCE/CPE-type questions that really annoy me. The question-creators seem to be more interested in showing off their own 'intelligence' than in assessing the candidates's command of English. Only #2 fits in with the pasage as a whole, but don't despair - I would guess that 90% of native speakers faced with that question would not feel confident about the answer they chose.

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