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    How to understand this?

    I am a married mom. One day I said to my boss, a single America man, I wish to improve my English and he replied "just looking for a good foreign man, but what did I expect. Stories I can tell." he has been trying to find a woman. what did he really mean? Should i be concerned?

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    Re: How to understand this?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    I am sure that you will get many interesting replies.

    Here is my opinion.

    I think that his quoted words mean something like:

    I do not think that you want English lessons. I think that you want an American who can get you a visa to the

    United States. But I should have expected this would happen. I can tell you many stories about other women who

    have tried to get me to help them, too.


    Yes, you should be concerned. He does not believe that you actually want English lessons and nothing else.

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