One of the best ways that parents can help their teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take a part-time job. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Just as animals teach their offspring skills of finding food in a forest, parents have to teach their children self-reliance, being independent of their parents. Parents can use many methods to guide them to achieve that. They can ask them to do some housework such as painting penny or cleaning their rooms by themselves. However, the best way, in my views, is to encourage them to take a part time job because children can learn many things about the adult-world when they can work independently, without helps from their parents.

First of all, when children get a job, they will get their income. Thus it is a good chance to learn how to deal with money. In the past their pocket money were from their parents who told their children how to spend the money, but now they need to manage their money by themselves. They have to save some of their salary, because if they didn't, their income would be used up quickly. They also have to learn how to spend the money. They should spend it on things they need rather than on playing. For example, when I was in middle school, I took a part time job and earned some money. I used it to buy cartoons or watch movies. When I wanted to buy something really useful such as a history book, I always found that my money was not enough. So gradually I learn to make a plan before I spend my money.

Secondly, taking a part time job, children have to be responsible for what they do. they cannot violate rules in a company, which they always do in the school such as they deliberately forget to do their homework or are absent from their classes. However, when they are doing a part time job, they will learn that they will get a serious punishment if they oppose the rules of a company. for example, if a students gets a job in a company but he/she always is late for work, the company may fire the student or reduce his/her pay. The student may use some excuses to avoid the punishment as they do in school, but in the adult-world it is impossible to work. After the punishment, he/she will learn that he has to obey the rule and take responsibility for their work.

At last, living in a adult world you must acquire an ability to express your ideas clearly and understand other people' ideas, in other words you need to learn how to communicate with others. If children can get a part job such as a waiter or a seller, they will get a good chance to learn this ability. For example, I have been a waiter in a small cafe. At first, I was shy to talk with strangers and my colleagues and did not know how to help customers to order their meal. But after several days I started to learn how to communicate with the customers and waiters. Thus my ability in communication was improved.

In sum, to help children to adapt adult life, parents should let them to experience it as much as they can. A part time job is a good choice because it can teach them how to spend money and how to communicate with others.