I have some questions about this paragraph. Hope someone can will me.
Every teacher knows that not all students are good examinees. Some are too tense, too stressed and then perform below expectation just when it matters most. Teachers try to help by (1)_____, believing that if they boost a student's academic knowledge, they will cure his fear of exams.
So last year, (2) ____ on my teaching experience and sports psychology skills, I completely rewrote the Business Studies Revision Course at this secondary school. The (3)____ idea of the course is to (4)_____ the examination as an event, a challenge , a performance, muck like a sports match, or perharps a concert, but bigger and more important and very definitely on the public page. The idea is to show that exam is not a test but an opportunity to show how good the student is.
The object is to improve students' final performance by increasing self- confidence, control and ability to cope. The theme of ' total preparation for performance' teaches them that while knowledge and examination techniques and obviously important, they are only two of the five skills required. The others being coping strategies, mental skills and management skills. These additions give a new (5)_____ to a student's revision, increasing enjoyment and motivation.
1. A. adding B.compensating C.claiming D.ensuring
2.A.drawing B.withdrawing C.relying D.depending
3.A.core B. root C. concrete D. central
4.A.consider B. cure C.treat D. remedy
5.A.stand B. point C.view D. dimension
1) Why the answers are the bolded ones ?
2) Can somebody tell me what the meaning of the phrase " on the public page" in the paragraph is?
3) I wonder whether the sentence ' The others being coping strategies,....' in the paragraph is right or it is the mistake of the typist?
Thank you so much for any help.