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    dangling participle or not?

    while reading a newspaper, I came across the following sentence : ' app hits 50M downloads, making it one of the most popular apps available.'
    The question about this sentence is : Does the word 'making' , acting as a present participle, modify the subject '' ? or the object '50M downloads'?
    well, first, let me suppose it modifies the subject. It's just utterly awkward to say: ' making it one of...' ,or should I replace 'it' with 'itself'? Thus, we have: making itself one of... which I think is better than previous one.
    second, if 'making' modifies '50M download', it just contradicts the rule -- If a participial phrase comes at the end of a sentence, a comma usually precedes the phrase if it modifies an earlier word in the sentence but not if the phrasedirectly follows the word it modifies.
    I'm just damn befuddled.

    Any helps will be appreciated.

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    Re: dangling participle or not?

    It is the whole situation of the app achieving 50 million downloads that makes the app one of the most popular around. It is similar to the following sentence, in which the relative 'which' refers back to the whole situation: app hits 50M downloads, which makes it one of the most popular apps available.

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