I have to write an abstract in English for my paper. I've wrote about a specific Hungarian sociolinguistic variable, and I'm not sure whether I expressed my ideas in a proper and understanable way. These are the sentences:

  1. The purpose of this study is to examine the case of Hungarian verbs ending t in the vernacular language of university students.
  2. In Hungarian non-standard the imperative forms of verbs ending t are frequently used in declarative clauses.
  3. According to the data from a twenty-four-year old sociolinguistic study, the MNSZV, I am arguing the change in presence of this variable.
  4. The methodology of my research is based on the MNSZV, and results are compared to those of this pervious research.
  5. Results show that the occurrence of the above linguistic phenomenon in the investigated group has not changed.

Thank you in advance,