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    live those values

    1. What does this "company's values" mean? Any goal a company has? ethical or moral that may not affect the numbers(results)?
    2. Is the reason why workers who don't live those company values are rewarded that companies only want results not moral things from workers?

    ex)One strong trust killer is when people say one thing and do another. And here, bosses are the main culprits. They tell people to take risks but excoriate them when they fail. they endorse stretch budgets and invites their people to dream big, but punish them if the numbers fall short, even at the end of a decent year...Or perhaps worst of all, they espouse the company's values at the top of their lungs, but keep and reward people who don't live those values simply because they make the numbers....Trust, ultimately, isn't very complicated. It's earned through and words and actions - and integrity in both.

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    Re: live those values

    1. It refers to the moral platitudes some companies profess to be in favor of.
    2. That's correct. A company exists to provide profit to its shareholders. But that's not enough in the climate where capitalism is looked upon as some sort of sin, so companies try to improve their images by stressing how "green" they are, or their commitment to "diversity" or some other popular notions.

    It could also refer to company goals about safety or treating employees fairly or other internal "values" as well.

    But when the end of the day comes (or the end of the fiscal year, to be more precise) the workers who contribute to the bottom line are valued, even if they do not support the company's "values" in their behavior or activities.

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