I have known Yvette Warren since 2001. In 2001, she movedinto an Individualized Supported Living unit that my company, Choices of St.Joseph Inc., supervised and staffed. She lived in supervised living situationswith my company for eight years during, which she was able to earn numeroushours during the day when she was unsupervised. In October of 2004, she beganworking at our office on a part time basis performing housekeeping and minorsecretarial jobs. In 2009, she moved from the supervised living situation to anapartment where Family Guidance Center maintains a staff person in the complexbut basically Yvette was living independently. In 2010, Yvette moved to atotally unsupervised apartment in the community. During the past couple ofyears our job for Yvette has expanded and now her job duties includehousekeeping, answering the phone, greeting office visitors, shedding, copying,faxing and some filing.
Over the past eleven years that I have known Yvette I haveseen her grow in her ability to make sound decisions for herself appropriatelyand show initiative to improve her life and achieve her goals. She has insightinto her medical needs and has been an active participate in directing hermedical treatments. Over the years she has made sound decisions concerning hersocial activities and persons with whom she has associated. At her worksituation she performs her duties well and maintains a good relationship withher co-workers.

I believe Yvette’s decision making abilities are on par withthe general public and in many areas exceed those criteria. I can without reservationrecommend that Ms. Warren be removed from guardianship and conservatorship andbe restored to independent status.