Please check correct if it is not.

Please refer to your letter dated 14th April 2011, you are in process to get data from your clients regarding the company’s’ internal control. Please note that the company management is fully aware the company activities the following assertions are monitored by the management.

  • All transactions made during the year
  • All addition and deletion in fixed Assets
  • Accounts Payable /Receivable Ledger
  • All transaction occurred in the financial year
  • All amounts are property presented and disclosed in the financial statement.

As you know the directors of the company are in abroad nowadays but they are fully aware the company activities through email on monthly basis. They assign Mr. Junaid to run the business on their behalf but it is a verbal. They also authorize Mr.Junaid to operate the company bank account. In this connection of a resolution has been passed by the board of directors of the company. This resolution is being enclosed for your information.

To safeguard the assets of the company records we had acquired an authentic accounting software to record error free transactions of data entries. It saves time money and manpower. These control activities may include electronic or mechanical controls (such as a safe, employee ID cards, cash registers, fireproof files, and locks) or computer-related controls dealing with access privileges or established backup and recovery procedures.