hi everyone,
could you please help my to write my motivation letter for master program? Im not a native english speaker. thanks a lot!

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing to apply for _____________(MIETE) taught by_________ and enclose my C.V for your consideration.
I took my master degree at University of ______on 2011. Presently, I am organizing and managing small-scale Chinese language lessons. My education at the department of economy, one of the strongest faculties in University of ______, has been exceedingly rewarding. During my study at University of _____-, I studied supporting courses for intentional management and in advanced international business, laying a foundation of core course in management.
The motivation behind my decision apply for Mater degree lies in my determination to would like learn more knowledge at different scientific discipline, this study experience that will bring me a more strong sense of achievement in this modern world. Three years' collage studies, I not only obtained a basic understanding on international management, but also fostered strong interest in many management and marketing fields such as operation management, strategy and development of different commutation materials for different media, international strategic management and innovation polices. In additional, my thesis was published the journal of ___________ by applied I learned core subject at master course. However, it is through my practical working experiences that I am full aware of the fact that my study and research lacks depth. Thus, it stimulate me learn and explore more knowledge to enrich the life of my career.

Your university has good academic reputation worldwide and provides the opportunities to do further develop research skills. The Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship is started in 2005 and the prospective program, I believe, will make a period for a period of invaluable experience in my continued efforts to scale new heights of innovation management in new business. Furthermore, it is also good experiences to understanding European economics, cultures in depth and working colleagues from different cultures.

I am very optimism, humorous and willing to learn new things. I have the patient to conduct research and can learn things very fast. I hope that, on consideration of my CV, you will be persuaded of my potential to be a suitable candidate for this master program.