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Thread: is thought to

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    is thought to

    Find the error:
    The fact that half of the known species is thought to inhabit the world's rain forest does not seem surprising, considering the huge numbers of insects that comprise the bulk of the species

    I think the wrong one here is "is thought to" since all the other options sound pretty okay to me, but I don't know why that one is wrong? Can someone please explain it to me (if I'm right. Feel free to correct me if I am not)?

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    Re: is thought to

    Hi vkhu, I'm not a teacher, but considering no one has replied your thread so far, I'll give it a try.

    None of the underlined words seem wrong to me too, but If I had to pick one I'd say it's is thought to, maybe it could be plural if you consider the species. So are thought to...
    But 'huge numbers' doesn't sound ok to me. I'd say the huge number, or the huge amount.
    Not a teacher.

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    Re: is thought to

    BrunaBC is right about 'are thought to'.

    The word species is the same both in the singular and the plural. In this case it's used in the plural, so '. . . half of the known species are thought to. . .' is correct.

    There's nothing wrong with 'huge numbers'.


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