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    "differ on" and "differ about"

    In the sentence "The two leaders had differed on the issue of sanctions", does changing on into about
    make any difference? Which expression is more common usage between "differ on" and "differ about"?

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    Re: "differ on" and "differ about"

    There is no difference in meaning.

    COCA has 425 citations for 'on', 69 for 'over' and 47 for 'about.

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    Re: "differ on" and "differ about"


    According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, both "on" and "about" are possible. See #2.

    dif‧fer W3 / ˈdɪfə $ -ər / verb [ intransitive ]

    1 to be different from something in some way : The two systems differ in many respects.
    differ from People differ from one another in their ability to handle stress.

    differ between The symptoms did not differ between the two groups.

    differ widely/greatly/significantly etc We soon found that prices differed enormously.

    Experts have differing views on the subject.

    2 if two people or groups differ about something, they have opposite opinions SYN disagree differ about/on/over The two lawyers differed about how to present the case.

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