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    remaining stocks

    What do you think this "stocks" mean? "a quantity of something accumulated, as for future use" or "the trunk or main stem of a tree or other plant"?

    ex) For thousands of years, farmers at harvest time have selected seeds, cuttings, or tubers from superior plants to save for the next planting. Farmers often protected the stored seeds from insects or animals by sealing them in clay pots or burying them in baskets covered with ash. They also often stored tubers in cold areas and either replanted cuttings immediately or kept them dry until the next planting time. Farmers thus saved their genetic stocks from season to season.They could exchange remaining stocks with neighbors or exchange them in the local market. Organized seed production, however, did not begin until the early 1900s.

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    Re: remaining stocks

    Selected seeds, cuttings, or tubers that had the best genes

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