What do all these "would" mean? My interpreation is like this.
1 -polite opinion
2,4- counterfactual present
3-counterfactual present perfect
If this question doesn't bother you, please answer me.

mo3-39 ex)Sweeping statements have been made about the effect of clothing on the behavior of a child. It has been said that a child who is better dressed is better behaved, and that a child who is dressed like a cowboy is louder than he is when dressed in ordinary clothes. Clothing, however, might have a temporary effect on the behavior of the child, but not a lasting effect. That is, we would(1) predict that a child who was dressed in his best clothes and whose mother stressed that they were ‘best’ would(2) be better behaved for a short period, but by the end of the hour the child would have forgotten(3) his clothes and would be acting as he would(4) in old clothes. Likewise, the child who is dressed in a cowboy outfit might be very noisy while playing cowboys for a brief time, but he might soon change to another activity and be no more noisy than usual.