What does this "relative to" mean? "having reference or regard; relevant; pertinent" or "correspondent; proportionate"
Either seems possible depending on how you interprete it.

mo3-33 ex)Nobody likes performance reviews. Employees are nervous they will hear nothing but criticism, and bosses are nervous their direct reports will respond defensively. So people generally keep their mouths shut. That is unfortunate because most employees need help figuring out how to improve their performance and advance their careers. Also, it can be harmful to the company if a lack of clear feedback leads to undesirable work behaviors. There is a way to avoid this problem. Managers can help employees learn adaptive techniques like acknowledging negative emotions and reframing fears and criticisms constructively to prevent destructive responses. Once people are comfortable asking for feedback, they will begin to see how they are doing relative to managementís priorities, and their work will be more in line with organizational goals.