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    Question heavy medication?

    The following sentneces are from the story titled " matters of death", whcih questions about the assisted suicide by doctors. Again I have several questions and help me to clarify the meanig of underlined phraes or sentneces.

    1. For many of the patients , we wrote an order for heavy medication-morphine by the clock. - what does it mean by heavy and by the clock?

    2. as a reasonable doctor, you'd better move ahead and do want you would want done for you.--what does it mean exactly by move ahead? Does it mean take steps or what?

    3. But as soon as you bring in somebody to help you to commit suicide, it changes the equation. -what is the meaning of equation here ?

    4. so the idea of the doctor as a superhealer is a load of nonsense.-what does this sentence mean? and what is the exact mening of a load of?

    5. their bodies are giving up on them. what does it mean by give up on? Is it an phrasal verb?

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    Re: heavy medication?

    1) "Heavy" refers to the dosage of medication and (more probably) to the type of medicine, because he names "morphine".
    "By the clock" means exactly on time.

    2) about "moving ahead" I guess the same as you do.
    "do what you would want done for me" means: whatever you thing is good for me, you yourself do.

    3) equation (here) = condition, situation,...

    4) the idea that a doctor is a superman who can heal everything is absolutely nonsense. (a load of is used to emphasize ridiculousness)

    5) Maybe. It depends on the context. "to give up on something" means "to lose hope about it"

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    Re: heavy medication?

    5- Their bodies are failing- they are approaching physical collapse/death.

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