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    Looking for help

    Dear sir,
    How do you do? I hope that you are well.This is my first post since I have joined.I face many problems when using English. That is because my bad pronunciation.I hope that you can help me improve my speaking skills.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Looking for help

    Dear Friend,

    A student's bad pronunciation, I think, is due to his / her teachers' fault. Speaking skill is as important as other skills and pronunciation is its inseparable subskill. All skills ought to be improved simultaneously.

    Try the following suggestions:

    1) Don't feel ashamed to pronounce words like a native speaker. I know Arabs (because I live next-door!). Arabs and Persians think if a countryman is speaking like a native, she / he is trying to show off! Forget about others and try to pronounce words just as they are represented in English dictionaries and just as native speakers say.

    2) From now on, whenever you see a new word, study its correct pronunciation before looking up its meaning.

    3) Try to give lots of lectures (even to the walls) speaking correctly.


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