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    surprised/surprise/surprising face

    There was a........ look on his face.

    A. surprised
    B. surprise
    C. surprising

    A is the answer here but how com I can't choose B? I hear people saying "surprise attack" all the time. Also, could you elaborate the difference between "surprise", "surprised" and "surprising"? I know 'surprising" is wrong in this case but I can't figure out why.

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    Re: surprised/surprise/surprising face


    Surprised and surprising are both possible because both are adjectives that can describe the look. However, there is a difference in meaning. Look up "surprising" and "surprised" to see what I mean. Surprise would be incorrect because it's not an adjective.
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    Re: surprised/surprise/surprising face

    For more on 'surprise attack' see the first thread in the 'Similar Threads' list below.

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