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Baby fun and my stretch Time
I remembered I started yoga soon after five weeks of my daughterís birth. In the beginning I found somewhat manageable as my daughter was napping more than four hours in a row. But soon this schedule started converting to more feeding time, diaper change and doctorís visits for vaccinations. I started feeling guilty using her nap time just for my mat where I had many other must-to-do-list every day. Apart from this whenever she was awake, she needed me in front of her. That means no work when she is awake, just entertaining my daughter full time without getting nothing in return. Seeing no escape from this I started to play with her while me doing a few of yoga postures like Vajrasana, wide angle pose or Bhadhakona asna where I could interact with my baby without any discomfort. I thought that a few stretches will be better than no stretch. Slowly I realized that I could do many more yoga poses and still interacting with my daughter. I started holding my chaturangasana and playing with her hands and feet with my mouth or doing pushups and kissing my daughter each time I was pushing myself down. She was laughing as if she was participating in some game. I also started using her as a weight while doing simple arm stretch. It was really a nice stretch holding the baby up-straight and fun for my daughter. Sometimes I found that a few of the yoga posture she never enjoyed. I did modifications in those poses according to her need. Also there were a few poses when she wanted me to repeat it over again and again like giving her bumps while in squat position. This way I was getting a few tac ticks to keep her calm in other fussy time. I also learnt that she never allowed me to be with my mat whenever she was either not fed or slept properly. So I started doing yoga every day the same time exactly after her morning nap flowed by her feeding time. Soon this mom and baby yoga time turned out to be the best time of the day for me and my daughter. It gave me a beautiful opportunity for bonding with my daughter.