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    A paragraph about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (it's not long)

    1. What are your thoughts about the ending of the novel? Was it what you expected? Did the ending satisfy you?

    Some may say the ending is weak, but it was an agreeable ending to me. Part of it matched my expectation, in a way that the creature loses his flame of vengeance and vile when Victor dies, as the creature’s version of vengeance is to see Victor live heart-broken and lost. Victor’s death was also expected as he is physically exhausted and mentally broken when Robert Walter rescues him. I didn’t think Walter would see the creature though. I was also expecting some sort of a showdown between Victor and the creature near the end but it never happens. This was clever though, as the author would’ve had to decide which character deserves more credit and sympathy, should the confrontation occur. The ending is arranged in a way that it leaves the decision up to the readers. Am I satisfied? I’m glad to have the honour of reading Mary Shelley’s finest work ever presented.
    Could you proofread this and fix any inapproperiate words / sentences for me? And I know the boldened part is wrong, but I didn't know what else to use. Could you also check for any misplaced / dangling modifiers? (I'm learning about these)
    Oh and I had to switch between past and present tense because I was taught to use present tense to discuss the events in the novel. But I wanted to use past tense when I'm speaking outside the novel. Let me know if its ok or not and if you have any suggestions.
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    Re: A paragraph about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (it's not long)

    Part of it matched my expectation- I'd use 'expectations'
    in a way - in the way
    his flame of vengeance and vile- vileness
    the creature though- the creature, though
    would’ve- would have
    I’m glad- I am
    ever presented- I'd delete this
    Re tense- This was clever though,- I'd change this one to the present.

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