My name is Darya and I am going to apply for the Master's Degree programme in Logic at the University of Amsterdam. Here is my motivation letter provided. I will be very grateful for the review and adjustments.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my interest in your Masterís Degree programme in Logic. I believe my educational background would enable me to make a strong contribution to the University. This year I graduated from Kiev National Linguistic University with a Bachelorís Degree in Philology among the two top students.
I find that the education programme at the University of Amsterdam is far superior to educational programmes offered by other Universities. I was impressed with the possibilities your University provides for individual growth. During my time at Kiev National Linguistic University I was able to apply the valuable knowledge I received into practice. I have always been fascinated by the scientific side of my major subject (Languages) and it made me even more interested trace the relationship of logic to it by the other sciences. I have recently made several scientific researches, such as: "Gender stereotyping on the basis of fairy tales of different nations", "The development of personality in modern society (language and cultural approach)"(which was published in collection of conference proceedings of Poltava University of Economics and Trade for 2011), "Modeling of Russian parts of speech" (which was published in collection of conference proceedings of Kiev National Linguistic University for 2012). I have been a member of conferences organized by various topics. It is important for me to monitor the interaction of the various sciences and to participate in it directly.
A Masterís Degree programme in Logic will help me satisfy my needs as a linguist and open new horizons for me as a specialist because logic is an instrument of almost any science. It will help me to get a true knowledge of the subject and to better understand the nuances of the subject itself. Interdisciplinarity of learning attracts me, particularly. Having common topics to discuss with people who have experience in directly other field of studying.
The Netherlands are known for its distinctive history and culture and I have chosen this location because the study is notable for its practical orientation. Studying in the Netherlands will allow me to fully disclose my talents and gain invaluable experience and obtain employment in a multinational society.
I find that education is presently one of the basic dimensions in defining a person's ability to compete in the labor market. My Country of Turkmenistan has made giant leaps in its development and it is very important for young, ambitious and well-educated people, who are ready to lead the country to a new progressive way.
In conclusion I would like to add that it would be a great honor for me to become a student of University of Amsterdam and to be able to translate dreams into reality.
Thank you for considering my candidacy.
Sincerely yours