I have to say I am happy to work with Saba. I am not awarethat when she has been not happy with some of my work. I always try to my bestand update her with my tasks progress.

I was shocked some of the comment. I cannot remember anyevent occurred because I did not listen or did not understand it. I am responsible purchase ledger and I havevery good knowledge on my ledger and individual supplier. I did not rely onother members of the team knowledge to run purchase ledger last two years. Mymost question about budget and cost to my line manager. Which is I have not givenany training yet. I never get feedback withmy mistake. Impossible to correct any wrong doing if you donít know you are doingwrong. Please I am more happy to listenany negative feedback Thiswill be just help us to understand each other and find best way to worktogether .

My vision is the sameas manager I would like to work more effectiveand efficient way and improve Purchase ledger processing to prepare for biggerSGV