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    hi, can we consider this phrase as collocation: combatanct forces?

    what do u mean by false friends in language, can you give examples? please
    is collocation the same as cliche?

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    Re: collocation

    Well, combatant usually refers to a person who participates in war. In this sense I think it is right, but let a native confirm it.

    False Friends?
    Geese = plural form of goose (in English)
    Geese = lots (a woman's hair) (in Persian)

    Dell = small valley (in English)
    Dell = 1) heart, 2) belly (in Persian)

    Gap = hole (in English)
    Gap = chat (in Persian)

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    Re: collocation

    A cliche is a phrase that has been overused to the point of becoming meaningless, like 'at the end of the day', etc, so they are a type of collocation, but a subset. The are a number of words that cololocate with forces- combatant, enemy, armed, etc, so it is a collocation, but not a very strong one.

    Further false friends- 'actually'- many french speakers will think it means 'now', translating.

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    Re: collocation

    thanks a lot

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