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    a failure of confidence

    When my brother and I were young, my mom would take us onTransportation Days.
    It goes like this: You can’t take any means of transportation more thanonce. We would start from home, walking two blocks to the rail station. We’dtake the train into the city center, then a bus, switching to the tram, thenmaybe a taxi. We always considered taking a horse carriage in the historicdistrict, but we didn’t like the way the horses were treated, so we never did. Atthe end of the day, we took the subway to our closest station, where Mom’s friend was waiting to give usa ride home—our first car ride of the day.
    The good thing about Transportation Days is not only that Mom taught us how to get around. She was bornto be multimodal . She understood that dependingon cars only was a failure of imagination and, above all, a failure ofconfidence—the product of a childhood not spent exploring subway tunnels.

    The underlined sentence is quite confusing to me. Does "the product "refer to "a failure of confidence as a result of depending on cars in one's childhood"?

    What is your opinion? What does the underlined sentence mean?

    Thanks very much!


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    Re: a failure of confidence


    To me, it means that if your childhood will not be spent exploring the subways, then it's (a such childhood's) product (or result) would be you depending on cars.

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