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    guessing at the sound

    I was blind, but I was ashamed of it if it was known. I refused to use a white stick and hated asking for help. After all, I was a teenager girl, and I couldn’t bear people to look at me and think I was not like them. I must have been a terrible danger on the roads, coming across me wandering through the traffic; motorists probably would have to step rapidly on their brakes. Apart from that, there were all sorts of disasters that used to occur on the way to and from work. One evening, I got off the bus about halfway home where I had to change buses, and as usual I ran into something. “I’m awfully sorry,” I said and stepped forward only to run into it again. When it happened a third time, I realized I had been apologizing to a lamppost. This was just one of the stupid things that constantly happened to me. So I carried on and found the bus stop, which was a request stop, where the bus wouldn’t stop unless passengers wanted to get on or off. No one else was there and I had to try to guess if the bus had arrived.
    Generally in this situation, because I hated showing I was blind by asking for help, I tried to guess at the sound. Sometimes I would stop a big lorry and stand there feeling stupid as it drew away. In the end, I usually managed to swallow my pride and ask someone at the stop for help.

    What was the problem with guessing at the sound to stop a bus?
    A. Other vehicles also stopped there.

    B. It was not reliable for making judgments.

    I know Answer B is correct. But why A is wrong? Should it be restated like " Other vehicles would mistakenly be stopped there." ?

    What is your opinion?



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    Re: guessing at the sound

    The reason you give is a good one. A does not adequately answer the question because its phrasing suggests that the bus stop is a regular stop for other vehicles.

    I must also comment that the original text is either poorly written or poorly transcribed, because it contains several infelicities—which leads me to think that A was not very well chosen as a distractor (false answer) by the test writer.

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