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    I'm puzzled

    Hi, there
    Would you tell me if the following sentences are acceptable? I'm confused. Thank you.

    A) The boy fell off the bike.
    B) The boy fell off from the bike.
    C) The boy fell down from the bike.
    D) The boy fell from the bike.

    ( I think the sentence A is correct and natural. How about the other three sentences? Help me, please. )

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    Re: I'm puzzled

    You're right. Sentence A is the best choice. Sentence D is possible, but is not a usual construction when talking about falling off a bike. You might fall from a horse, for instance, or fall from a great height, but not usually a bike.

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    Re: I'm puzzled

    Please try to give your threads titles that give us some idea of what they are about. Fall off/from the bike? would have been good for this one.

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