Just thought I'd share a video that I think is pretty good for conditionals, in particular first conditionals.

Ray speaks pretty slowly and deliberately, so it's fairly easy to pick out what he's saying. He also says a few first conditionals, one second conditional and a couple of mixed conditionals throughout the 4 minute video.

It offers a lot of opportunity for prediction before the video. For example, asking students what they would bring on a winter camping trip and seeing if Ray brought any of their suggestions. Or discussing the dangers of such an environment and how you might overcome them. Another fun part for my students was predicting what these are:

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During the video, there are plenty of questions you could set. I was a little ill-prepared, so my questions weren't as good as they could've been, but there's plenty of scope for asking specific questions about the advice he offers, or simple true or false questions at lower levels. Another option is to give them a list of camping equipment and tick the ones they hear.

And finally, you can do an easy matching exercise with his conditional sentences he uses, to introduce or revise the structure.

All-in-all, I thought it was a pretty good video for a group of teenagers if you're interested in using authentic texts.

Let me know if you use it and what you did.