Hi all! I'm going to apply for AP programme in Hospitality, Service & Tourism Management. Would someone read it and give me a comment about it please? I need this as soon as possible, because I have to apply in next week and my time is limited. Thank you all!

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my interest In applying for a Hospitality, Service & Tourism Management at the University xxxx for 2012 winter term.
I realize that my GPD is far from good and I was very disappointed because of it, but in the moment, when I decided to applying at the university I understood that now I have a chance to make it better and due to the fact that I am highly motivated, enthusiastic, positive thinking and strongly believing in myself I am sure that I could make my results better.
In my family traveling and tourism is present since years. In particular my grandfather was a passionate believer in tourism and he made me keen on it and all aspects connected with it. He also helped me find out what tourism really is. In my opinion, it Is not only moving from place to place, taking photos of beautiful landscapes or landmarks. It is the knowledge about the countries, people who are live there, knowing their history and tradition, trying to understand their lifestyle and trying for a moment become one of them. And what is the most challenging thing, you should use all this knowledge to encourage others to buy a ticket and go there, even if they are not interested in, because it is worth their time. It brings me a lot satisfaction and positive energy.
I figure out that to satisfy my thirst of knowledge I have to choose the best university for me, where young people are learning how to think creatively not what to think. I have to find university strictly cooperating with work market to stay up-to-date and provide their students the best opportunities to study. I was searching for a place, where I can expand my knowledge and develop in many different aspects, like economy or methodology and also improve it by practices. Then I found xxx with the concept of ‘the Complete Person’ which fits all my expectations about my dream university.
I hope that studying at the xxx will help me reach my goals. I aim to cope with the requirements of today’s very demanding employees. Moreover, I would like to deepen my knowledge in the field of tourism and all other aspects connected with those field and also improve my potential and creativity by working in a team. Furthermore, since I remember I always want to start learning Danish and closely know the Danish culture and traditions. I strongly believe that with your experience in teaching and my enthusiasm for work my dreams will become truth.
I also choosed xxx due to your location. Aalborg is one of the partner cites of Gdynia – Polish port.
Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.
Yours faithfully,