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    shortage of words


    when i want to talk i can't get words simply & i will nervous. So what can i do?

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    Re: shortage of words

    I'm a real fan of lectures. Try simple lectures. You can buy this book or a simple book like this:

    Developing Reading Skills
    Begining (version)
    New edition (1994 or after that)

    Read the first unit and give lectures to yourself or to the walls loudly. Follow this procedure:
    1) read a few sentences, then repeat them by heart (loudly).
    2) read a few more sentences, then repeat them loudly.
    3) repeat the whole sentences again.
    After a few month you'll see you can remember lots of words easily.
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    Smile Re: shortage of words

    Thanks ,It was my problem too.
    I think I have enough vocabulary knowledge but when I want to speak and use them , most of the time I can`t find best words in my mind .
    I will try this method .

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    Re: shortage of words

    It's a very common feeling. What you should try to do is not worry about making mistakes, but concentrate on getting your message across. If you do that, then you are doing the most important thing. If you're struggling to find the words, use hand gestures to let the other person know. Remember, when you're speaking someone else's language, you are doing the hard work, so don't feel nervous or shy.

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