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Thread: Might As Well

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    Might As Well

    Might as well you get a taxi. (Does it mean it is better you should get a taxi)

    with kind regards

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    Re: Might As Well

    Quote Originally Posted by Jadoon 84 View Post
    Might as well you get a taxi.
    That is not correct as it stands, though'I' could be implied as the first word. To be clear, you need:

    "You might as well get a taxi" or: "I might as well get you a taxi"

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    Re: Might As Well

    The phrase "might as well" means "it's what I/you/we/he/etc should do, even though there is some reluctance about it."

    Looks like your blind date stood you up. Might as well have a nice dinner anyway. (Even though it would have been nicer if your date had actually shown up.)
    I think the party is over. Might as well see if we can find a taxi. (Even though it would be fun to stay a little longer.)
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