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    too high for me to qualify

    The following is a dialogue.

    M: Will you continue the study at the Open University for a second year then?
    J: Yes, I think so. I would have begun my second year this month, but I couldn't afford it.
    M: Don't they offer some scholarships if you're a good student?
    J: Yes, but unfortunately my husband's income is too high for me to qualify. So I shall just have to wait.

    I think it quite puzzling.

    For one thing, since her husband's income is high, why couldn't she afford the education?
    For another, since scholarships are for good students, why is it connected with the applicant's income?

    Does the underlined sentence mean that I am not qualified for the scholarships because my husband's income is too high?

    thanks for help!


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    Re: too high for me to qualify

    Yes, it means her husband's income is too high to qualify for the scholarship.

    Scholarships exist with all kinds of conditions. They are not just for those students who get the best grades or highest test scores.

    Most colleges are very, very expensive. So the schools must provide financial assistance to those whose families can not afford to pay for the school. That means that there are income limits.

    There are other scholarships that may not be tied to income. And there can be private scholarships that have any number of conditions.

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    Re: too high for me to qualify

    The rich can afford to pay themselves.
    The very poor may get financial help.
    Those in the middle may not be considered poor enough to receive financial help, but they do not have enough money to pay for a university education.

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