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    So today im totally very exhausted with the question that had been given to me..I have to handle a forum but then i doesn't know how to start it..the question for this forum is "Hosting major sports events such as Commonwealth Games and Asian Games bring many benefits to a country.What is you opinion??..

    Im a MC for this forum..could you help me please..

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    You are going to be in charge of a discussion group - is that correct? And the group will be discussing the question you posted?

    The idea of a discussion group is to find out what you and the other participants think. We are not going to be part of the group so why would our opinions matter? Why don't you put a few of your thoughts about the subject in a post and we will comment on your use of English in those sentences?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    1. Will you be alone, or will you have 'experts with you?

    2. Is this to be:
    a. a general discussion with you simply deciding who to speak?
    b. questions from the audience to a group of experts?
    c. a formal debate between leading speakers, followed by open debate, with everybody invited to participate?

    3. Will you need to mention:
    a. the people/organisation arranging the debate?
    b. any particular group(s) of guests?

    4. Will you need to mention any 'rules'? Examples could be: Please:
    a. switch off mibile phones.
    b. address all questions/comments to ... '
    c. speak for no more than 30 seconds'

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