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Because of the importance of Web application role in the development of information technology, these programs should be secure. Hence, security vulnerabilities corresponding Web application should be detected and remedied.

Most important problems in vulnerability detection field are about less code coverage and no detection of second order vulnerabilities. Also, losing on time in analyzing of no matter path is a serious problem. The proposed approach could detect second order vulnerabilities via data dependency graph (DDG) and also by using reverse data flow analysis it could concentrate on possible vulnerable paths.

For detection of security vulnerabilities, a large number of approaches previously have been proposed that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. These approaches could be classified from a different perspective. In the following, these approaches are classified into static, dynamic and the combination of these two techniques.

Data that come from insecure sources is considered as tainted data. Sources that provide data from the internet or insecure users are considered as insecure sources. Analysis for effect of tainted data on other variables, according to source code, is called taint data analysis. If exists a flow of tainted data from a source to a sensitive sink, so the sink could be vulnerable. Code segments that are sensitive to vulnerabilities is called a sink, such function that sends output into browsers or function that creates and sends database queries into databases.