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    Is at the end

    Then there's the economy. A free and fair contest on April 1 will probably trigger Western nations to begin lifting sanctions imposed because of the country's appalling human-rights record, but coaxing Burma's economy into the modern age will be a decades-long process. "It's not just the government that needs to change," says Aung Tun, a local economist. "It's the whole economy, the whole society."

    It is hard to overstate just how broken Burma is. In economic terms, the country is aspiring just to become a Bangladesh. One-third of the nation lives below the poverty line. By the reckoning of watchdog Transparency International, Burma ties with Afghanistan as the third most corrupt nation in the world, outdone only by North Korea and Somalia. "You can call it 'transaction costs' or 'lubricants' or whatever," says Thida Thant, an entrepreneur who's a member of the Myanmar Business Executives Association. "But the way to do business here can never be 100% ethical."

    An audit by the new government has alleged rampant corruption at six ministries, some of which are still headed by the same men (now retired from the army) as before. Wealth is concentrated in the pockets of state enterprises or government cronies. Electricity is spotty even in the cities. Phones, as Suu Kyi once joked, should be approached with a prayer. Credit cards are useless pieces of plastic in all but a few establishments.

    I want to know whether it is correct to write the verb 'is' at the end of sentence.
    It is hard to overstate just how broken Burma is. / Is this correct? /

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    Re: Is at the end

    Yes, it's correct. To see where the final "is" comes from, look at the following sentences:

    Burma is broken.

    One is asked, "Just how broken is Burma?".
    <-- Note the "is"

    One is asked just how broken Burma is.
    <-- Note where the "is" has gone in reported speech.

    One cannot overstate just how broken Burma is.

    It is hard to overstate just how broken Burma is.

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