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    Re: Question on grammar punctuation marks to be removed from direct to reported speec

    Of course, I just made a suggestion. How and when to introduce variations depends on you alone: you are the one who knows your students' real level. So no, I don't mind at all
    Thank you!

    Even though it sounds much better, why do I have to use 'that'? This is the original sentence, Does the manager know Julia often comes late? Tina asked. What should I tell the students in order to use 'that' in the reported speech sentence?
    Yes, I didn't quite realize until you mentioned it. Maybe you should include "that" in hte original too: I remember it did help me; I myself got confused often while learning. If I saw something like "if the manager knew Julia often came late" my brain needed a little while to figure the real meaning; it concentrated on "the manager knew Julia" first of all. That's why I mentioned it.
    It certainly is a good point. I will do that too. Thanks once again.

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