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    Automotive Technology Research Project.(Need a little help!)

    Okay so I'm going to write a little bit of the paper and maybe you guys can help me? I have absolutely no idea how to start this Essay or even quite understand it and it's due by Friday.(Yikes!)
    69 Dodge Charger
    Instructions: Locate information using textbooks, periodicals, the internet, and manufacturer's literature. Assemble information and write a detailed report on your chosen topic using YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism will result in a ZERO grade.

    I have to assemble the report in the following order:

    Cover sheet which should include - Title, Author(Meaning me), Date, and a brief description of said topic.
    Create a content page - List main topic and also number/list main points in topic and page number found on.

    After those two pages I have to begin my report.. I have to take information from at least three different sources and put what I have found in my own words.

    I also have to create a bibliography page. The report as to be a minimum of 3 pages long not including the cover sheet, content page, and bibliography page. I'm just really not sure what exactly I have to write about the car or how to even begin.. I just need a little help maybe with short examples so I can get an idea of how to write it, I would greatly appreciate anyone's help! Thanks in advance.

    - Stat

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    Re: Automotive Technology Research Project.(Need a little help!)

    Welcome to the forum, Statistical.

    We like to help when we can, but we don't help with homework assignments. Your teacher wants to know what you can do, not what we can do. There is also the point that you are told, "Plagiarism will result in a ZERO grade". I suspect that getting help from a language forum would not impress your teacher, and might lead to a very low grade,

    Try finding the information first and putting it together in some sort of order that makes sense. Then try to talk about the 69 Dodge Charger in your own words, using facts that you have been able to find.

    If I had to wrote a paper on a 1959 Chateau Latour, I would probably start with the words, "Chateau Latour wines are prized by lovers of fine wine for their ..... . The 1959 vintage is particularly valued for ...." I am not suggesting that you use similar words for your assignment. I am just showing that, even if you know nothing about a subject (and I know nothing about wine) you can assemble information and talk about it in your own words.

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