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    to kneecap/ heelcap?

    as far as I know to kneecap means to shoot someone in the kneecap to warn
    a technique used by mafia. If the person is shot in the heel, can we say 'he was heelcaped'?

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    Exclamation Re: to kneecap/ heelcap?

    light, I don`t think that`d work too well. If you shoot someone in the heel, just say "I shot him in the heel." OK?

    P.S.-It would suck to get shot in the heel or kneecapped!

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    Red face Re: to kneecap/ heelcap?

    Hi light,
    I'm aware of the term to 'kneecap' and what it means, but I'm not too sure about 'heelcapping' someone.
    If you were to use the same methods as kneecapping, you'd shoot the person's foot off - not quite the same as kneecapping!
    From watching some (quite violent) films, the method that's used to incapacitate someone as a warning involves using a baseball bat to crush the bones in their feet by smashing it against the balls and the heels of their feet.
    Maybe you could use the term 'to heelcap' if you explained that it was a violent way of warning people.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: to kneecap/ heelcap?

    thank you both for the answers,
    (though not a very nice subject at this tme of the year..)


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