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    doubt / doubts + fear / fears

    From the dictionary:
    I'm having doubts about his ability to do the job.

    If there's any doubt about the rocket's engines, we ought to cancel the launch.

    for the first sentence, the 's' signifies that the speaker has more than 1 doubt, right? Can I say I'm having doubt about his ability to do the job.... if I use doubt like an uncountable noun then?

    for the second sentence, isn't it also okay to add an 's' after doubt [just like any question/ any questions]?

    The low profit figures simply confirmed my worst fears.

    I just don't really get these abstract nouns. The first sentence: it can too be fear - if only 1, right?

    thank you so much

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    Re: doubt / doubts + fear / fears

    You can say you "have doubts" or that you "have a doubt."

    For the second sentence, you can make it "doubts," but then you need to say "there are," not "there's."

    Yes, the same thing with fear/fears.

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