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    abbreviation point

    I see these:
    1. Mr; Mrs - BrE
    2. Mr.; Mrs. - AmE
    3. AM; PM - BrE
    4. A.M.; P.M. - AmE
    I wonder if the same applies to the following:
    assn; adj; adv; Apr
    In the UK, is it more common to do without the
    abbreviation point in such cases?
    Thank you.

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    Re: abbreviation point

    With Mr, etc, the rule in the UK is to put full-stops in when the abbreviation does not end with the last letter, so we say the Rev. xxxx but Dr yyyy. However, the general tendency is moving towards not bothering with the punctuation more and more- you rarely see acronyms and other abbreviations punctuated, and I imagine words like Prof./Rev. will soon followin the UK.

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    Re: abbreviation point

    Tks, tdol, for the valuable info. on abbrev. points. Itsn. / Itasan

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