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  1. eric2004
    Wow, Sir shane, could you see my essays and draw a conclusion whether i can get 6 band in my writing. That would be very nice.

    Btw, that story is right. Mooncake has no concern with " Chang Er".

    Sir Ronbee, that's right. International English Language Testing System. Now I'm only not sure about my writing. Sigh.In Listening, Reading and Speaking I can do fine at least 6 band. the only thing for me now is I don't know how to get 6 band in writing because I never did a good job in it. Even I have made a progress compared to the last time (16th, August) but I am still worried. 555

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane

    Quote Originally Posted by RonBee
    By the way, what does IELTS stand for?
    International English Language Testing System. ;)
    Thanks. :D

    (That's quite a mouthful.)


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