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    Arrow Separate/Individual

    These are cloze questions taken from a national English test in my country.

    1. Although we have a large number of students, each one receives _____ attention.

    A. only
    B. alone
    C. separate
    D. individual

    I chose C but the answer is D. Now come to think of it, I suppose "individual" is a better option since "separate" might imply each student is taught/treated differently, while "individual" only means the teachers will pay attention to everyone without leaving anybody out.
    However, I still believe "separate" is still a possible choice thus leaving it there is a little bit unfair?

    2. Nowadays, with the help of the computer, teachers have developed a ____ approach to teaching.

    A. multilingual
    B. multimedia
    C. multilateral
    D. multiple-choice

    The answer is B. I guess the word "computer" does hint to the answer, but just as above, I want to ask whether C is also a possible answer.


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    Re: Separate/Individual


    1. D is the correct answer. See also individual - Definition from Longman English Dictionary Online, #2. "Individual" and "attention" are very commonly used together in this context.

    2 [ only before noun ] belonging to or intended for one person rather than a group : Children get more individual attention in small classes.
    You can have the bathroom designed to suit your individual needs .
    individual portions of jam
    2. B is the correct answer. Yes, the the word "computer" suggests that they have developped a multimedia approach to teaching. A multimedia approach to teaching would involve computers and computer programmes. "Multilateral" doesn't make much sense because it doesn't say anything about the computer.

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