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To me a serene and peaceful environment is the one greatest enabler for all things productive and positive, and growing up in a third world country has further sank this into my believes, so ever since I became fully conscious of this it been an earnest dream, and my quest now is to turn that dream to reality.
At age 15 during my junior high school education, one teacher said to me “this world comes along with problems as we progress..., but to every problem there has to exist some answer”. This made me realize that problems aren’t going to ever disappear, but more importantly there are solutions to each one. So out there is a solution to help me make my dream a reality. A number of years later, I got to know studying Real Estate can be the solution or at least be part of the big picture. So to me Real Estate isn't just a program to study, but a much needed tool to make dreams come through.
Interestingly, I had a great exposure about structures and its maintenance after high school. I had the opportunity to assist a foreman on a construction site for three months. Within this period I got first hand field experience in what has become a vital part to my dream; being on the field helped prepare me and help me settle on which field in Real Estate my effort will have the most impart. I concluded working in the development and valuation sector of real estate management, is the section in which I find myself operating vibrantly. This is because developing serene homes, offices, shops and several structures at affordable and bearable terms of payment for both the working class and non-working class can help my home country move a step further in development, and enhance rapid economic growth.
The question of where to study became my next priority few months to my graduation from high school. Since I believed in vast experience as a needed advantage in my chosen field, I wanted to be away from home. This was going to afford me the chance to study and experience what has made real estate so successful in some part of the world. With various tourist attractions such as Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, and several more, real estate is very vibrant in the largest city of Holland, Amsterdam and other parts of the country. This would expose me to great experiences in my study. Plus I believe it is going to tones of fun and a lot of adventure
It really took me a great deal of time to come across ********, because of the specifics I was looking for like a personal study in groups to enable me understand whatever I am taught. Also, the serene and business oriented nature of the school structure appealed to me. What stunned me most is that ******** happens to be the only school that offers the opportunity to students to begin their academic term at 6 different dates in a year. Real estate in ******** is way different from all other institutions because its business administrative nature. Most institutions offer real estate and business administration separately as a program of study. The blend of these two courses provides a broad knowledge on estate administration and management. But not wanting to stay ideal during my search, I enrolled at ********* in Ghana and began my studies in Real Estate.
Concluding, I would like to say, I will take responsibility and put in my maximum best when I get to ******** to achieve my dreams and goals, while adding to the wonderful track record of the university with the laurels and achievements I will thrive for. I am eager to learn the new experiences ********* has to offer me in Real Estate and life in general. I am positive that ******* University is an excellent place for my ambitious career goals and personal development. Truly I can’t see any other place as custom fitted for me as ********* is.