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    Unhappy Moderator closed my thread?

    Hi my name Andrew, I don't know if this post is suited for this section of the forum (since I can't find the PM button for the moderator who closed my thread)

    "We do not condone cheating. This thread is closed"

    I'm somewhat offended by this comment. I never cheated or plagiarize any of my work. I just want someone to edit my work because English is my second language.

    When I said:
    "I just need your an email because I have to upload in a website that check for plagiarism and if the website picks up this forum...than it will complicate things...I hope you guys understand"

    Let me clarify: In my university I have to upload my paper to "turnitin" (Turnitin : Leading Plagiarism Checker, Online Grading and Peer Review) which is a site where they check if students copy someone else`s work. There is a certain percentage students must get to qualify as non-plagiarism (i.e. 20% or under is reasonable). The turnitin site will search up everywhere (i.e. other universities papers, academic sites, google , so forth). If I post up my essay in this forum, the turnitin site probably will pick up on that. Then I have to explain to my university why my essay is on this site....which is a hassle even though this site is for people in need of English help. That is why i need someone`s email. My question is, is there a solution to this problem because some people don't have private message like the moderator who close my thread?

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    Re: Moderator closed my thread?

    [Now that you have built up 11 posts by posting your recent responses in different forums, you probably have PM facility. However, I'll answer this publicly, because it is of interest to many people who post work to be edited.

    If I misunderstood your motives, then I apologise, sincerely and publicly. However, in a forum such as ours, we have to be very careful. For security reasons, we discourage the posting of private email addresses, and will continue to do so.

    As far as editing is concerned, we have a difficult task. We want to help people when we can, but we thoroughly disapprove of people asking for our help on homework assignments. We are not here to help people get higher marks by presenting our work as their own. We have to make decisions about whether or not people are asking us to collude in cheating, and those decisions may sometimes be wrong. When I read your initial message, I decided (and I stand by that decision) to delete the email address of the person who responded. I closed the thread, because it appeared to me that anyone who asks us to communicate by PM/email in order to avoid detection by a plagiarism detection site must be suspect.

    My personal feeling is that if you ask for help in a public forum, then you must accept response in a public forum. If your motives are genuine, and I accept that they are, then you should be able to convince your university - you have only to give them links to the whole thread. Once I have posted this message, I will re-open your thread (give me a couple of minutes), but I will continue to delete any email address posted. Security requires that.

    I close by stressing that this is a personal response. I do not, and cannot, speak on behalf of It may be that the administrators over-rule my decision, which I shall accept. They bear the responsibility for this forum.

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